Edward Partners is committed to a corporate culture based on ethical business values and legal compliance.

Keeping this culture alive requires us to stay connected to our stakeholders, which is why we provide you with Edward Partners’ Internal Reporting Policy and Whistleblower Ombudsman, which is the result of three elements:

a) The company’s commitment to promoting a truly ethical business culture.

b) The identification of Edward Partners’ people with the values, principles and ethical guidelines and conduct set out in the Code of Best Practice.

c) The alignment of the company’s activity with responsible legal compliance, visible in the design and organisation of processes, and in compliance procedures.

In relation to the above, Edward Partners will ensure compliance with the following Principles in the processing of the communications it receives


1. Principles of independence and autonomy

To pay attention to the medium and long term in the achievement of business objectives, and on the other hand to ensure adequate management of any conflicts of interest that may arise.

2. Principle of confidentiality

In any case, the identity of the informant and of the persons concerned shall be preserved, with the appropriate technical and organisational measures, also allowing the possibility of submitting and processing anonymous communications.

3. Legal protection and defence of the whistleblower

Good faith, i.e. honest knowledge that serious wrongdoing has occurred or is likely to occur, is a prerequisite for the protection of whistleblowers.

At the same time, such protection is not lost when the whistleblower reports inaccurate information due to a mistake made in good faith. In any event, the whistleblower’s motives for reporting are irrelevant to the proper functioning of the Channel. Protection is also granted to persons who do not provide conclusive evidence, but raise reasonable doubts or suspicions about the facts.

4. Protection of data subjects and third parties in the procedure

The best guarantee of protection is the protection of the identity of the persons concerned and/or third parties to whom the communication refers (e.g. witnesses, etc.) at all stages of the procedure.

Please use the Edward Partners Ethics Channel to report possible risks of serious or very serious administrative and/or criminal offences, with full guarantees of confidentiality and protection of the bona fide informant using this means of communication.


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