Streamlined process

Buyer’s guide

Buying a property abroad is exciting. But it’s a big decision. And many are put off by the complexity of the process and the lack of clear information.

At Edward & Partners, we have streamlined the buying process from A to Z, making it smooth, easy and safe. Our buyers Guide is an introduction to purchasing a new development or a property on resale in Spain. It covers the steps involved in a property purchase in Spain, as well as taxes, contracts, documents, completion times, lawyers and notarial fees.

If your dream is to own a wonderful property in Spain, we at Edward & Partners can be the missing piece of the puzzle to make that dream come true. We are committed, professional and passionate. Our focus is always on finding the right property for you, and we will guide you through every step of the purchasing process to ensure a secure transaction and the very best outcome for you.

  • Step 1


    Start by deciding on your budget and how you’ll finance your property purchase. Then contact one of our estate agents and let us know what you are looking for. Our agent will search the market and present properties that match your requirements.

    Now, it’s time to book your trip to Marbella to attend the viewings together with your agent.

  • Step 2

    Submit an offer

    We highly recommend engaging the help of a lawyer with experience in Spanish real estate to help you with due diligence, a Spanish registration number, and other key parts of the purchase.

    When you’ve decided on the property you wish to buy, your agent will help you to put together and submit an offer. In Spain, offers are usually made at below the asking price.

  • Step 3

    Reservation contract

    When your offer is accepted you’ll sign a reservation contract and pay a reservation fee of 6,000-10 000 Euros – the property is now reserved! The transfer will be made to your lawyer’s client account and when it’s complete, the property is off the market.

    Now your lawyer starts with due diligence to make sure everything is in order with your new home. If you’ve applied for a mortgage, a valuation of the property will be done, and the bank will prepare your mortgage.

  • Step 4

    Purchase contract

    About 14 days after the reservation contract, it’s time for you and the vendor to both sign the purchase contract. You transfer 10% off the agreed price of the property, minus the reservation fee, to your lawyer’s client account and the agreed closing date is written in the purchase contract.

  • Step 5


    On the day of completion, the parties meet at the notary to finalize the purchase. By this time, any existing mortgage that the vendor has, is removed from the property and the registration of the deed is made. The reserved purchase price is transferred to the vendor along with your remaining payment. All keys are handed over – welcome to your new dream home in Marbella.

    Buyers guide (PDF) here.

Recommended five years in a row

We do more for you as a client than any other estate agent, which means that we never leave any details to chance. A method that delivers higher final prices for you, and top ratings for us, proven in Stockholm and now also available in Marbella.

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New builds

Architecture, design and innovation are the foundation of all new property developments. But personality is important too – what works where and for whom. One of the most important success factors behind new builds and conversions is working from a very early stage with an estate agent with a genuine interest in how people want to live. That’s what Edward & Partners is all about.

We want to be there as a sounding board from the very start to build a holistic picture based on the area, the surroundings and the unique features of the locality. We evaluate the property’s location, architecture, target group and pricing and come up with a tailored concept that reinforces its attractiveness to the right target group so as to ensure a top price.


Sometimes an open viewing is not an option and this is why a large number of the properties we deal with are sold off-market. For us, this is about creating the best possible circumstances for a successful deal and we therefore hand-pick prospective buyers for each property.

To assist us, we have a sound network of prospective buyers as well as a broad network for matching sellers and buyers for successful deals. This spans all locations and price brackets.